Monday, February 23, 2015

February 16 - 22 Training

Mon: AM – 8.5 miles easy with 6x30s pickups (7:01); PM – 4.5 miles easy 7:39). Massage in the evening. My first one in a long while. Calves were tender and glutes were tight.

Tue: AM – 14 miles with 10 miles tempo in 57:26 (5:45); It snowed ~6 inches overnight so I had no choice but to run the workout on the treadmill. Started out at 5:50 and worked down to 5:40ish. Thought the tempo would feel tough, but it actually felt smooth and controlled. Finished the workout feeling like I could go for a few more miles. PM – 4.1 miles easy (7:52)

Wed: AM – 10 miles easy (7:09); Freezing run. PM – 5.2 miles easy (7:40)

Thu: AM – 10.1 miles with 6x.33 fast/.67 easy (7:18); didn’t feel like running outside as the roads were still coated with snow and it was 8 deg with a real feel of -9. Ran the fast portions at 5:05-5:07 pace. Felt fast and controlled. PM – 5.1 miles easy (8:05)

Fri: 10 miles easy (7:05); -18 degrees real-feel called for a treadmill run.

Sat: 20 miles with 4x3 miles (17:40, 17:20, 17:01, 16:27) w/ 1/2 mile rec jog. Today was supposed to be an easy day with a 10-mile race tomorrow, but the race was cancelled due to weather. Glad they made the cancellation on Friday because it allowed me to adapt my training and fit in a long run workout. Ran a 4-mile warmup and then did 4 loops of the 3-mile downtown loop with a small 1/2 mile loop for recovery. The goal was to run each 3-mile segment in 17:45, 17:30, 17:15, and 17:00. I ended up running the workout in 17:40 (5:54, 5:53, 5:53), 17:20 (5:47, 5:47, 5:46), 17:01(5:39, 5:44, 5:38), and 16:27 (5:27, 5:31, 5:29). The first two segments felt easy, the third comfortable and the last one I ran aggressive. It started to snow and the winds picked up in the last segment which made things a little tough. Was really happy with the result of this workout.

Sun: 8.6 miles easy (7:32); It snowed ~8-10 inches in the late afternoon/evening with freezing rain overnight. I was okay with running on the treadmill.

Weekly Total: 100.1 miles on 11 runs/7 days.
This week was supposed to be sort of a down week with a 10-Mile race on Sunday. But since the race was cancelled, I got in a quality long run workout and ended the week right at 100 miles. I’m really happy with my current fitness and with a couple more weeks of hard training I should be able to improve my half-marathon PR at the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half-Marathon. The course is tough though, so I’ll see. Boston is just 8 weeks away now.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9 - 15 Training

Mon: AM – 8.5 miles easy w/ 6x30s pickups (7:07); PM – 5 miles easy (7:37)
Tue: AM – 12.1 miles with 4 miles Tempo + 4x1/4 mile; Ran 22:17 (5:34 pace) for the 4 mile tempo.  Splits were 5:33, 5:35, 5:33 and 5:36.  The first 3 miles felt good and comfortably hard, but the last half mile started to feel a little tough.  Following the tempo, I ran an easy mile and then did 4x1/4 mile downhill repeats.  I ran down a different hill than last month because the road was slippery from freezing rain the night before.  1/4 mile splits were 63, 63, 63, and 64.  Definitely worked the calves and quads.  PM – 5.1 miles easy (7:32)
Wed: AM – 8.2 miles easy (7:27); PM – 5 miles easy (7:48)
Thu: AM – 12 miles including 10 miles medium in 61:05 (6:07); Goal was to run 6:10ish average.  After 3-4 miles, I settled in at 6:04-6:07 pace.  I thought that the workout would feel a little tough, but it wasn’t.  Felt comfortable and controlled.   My left calf was a little sore from yesterday’s downhill repeats, but it didn’t bother me once I got going.  PM – 6 miles including 10x200m w/ 200 rec jog. This was the first time running a quality workout as my second run.  The intent was to get some faster running on tired legs.  The legs actually felt good. I ran 33-34s for the 200s.
Fri: AM – 6.4 miles easy (7:51); It was freezing (-7 deg Real-Feel), so I opted to run on the treadmill.  PM - 5.1 miles easy (7:53)

Sat: 21 miles long run (6:43); Ran the first 9 miles fairly flat and then the last 11-12 on rolling hills.  Felt very good and strong on the hills.  

Sun: AM - 6.6 miles easy (7:49); Treadmill run as it was 8 degrees with 25-40mph winds, -18 real feel.  PM - 5 miles easy (7:30); 

Weekly Total: 106.1 miles on 13 runs/ 7 days.  Another great week of training.  It was my 5th consecutive week at 100+ miles.  I'm planning to run my first race of 2015 this weekend at the MD/DC RRCA Club Challenge 10-Miler.  I'll see though because the weather doesn't look promising.  

Sunday, February 08, 2015

February 2 - 8 Training

Mon: AM - 8.5 miles easy (7:16); PM - 5.6 miles easy (7:42)

Tue: AM - 11 miles with 4 miles in 23:14, 5:49 pace (6:32 overall avg pace). First six miles were easy and then the next 4 at marathon pace/effort. Splits were 5:49, 5:49, 5:48, 5:48. It was freezing (18 deg) with 12mph winds.  Pace felt controlled;  PM - 5.1 miles easy (7:27)

Wed: AM - 8 miles easy (7:17); PM - 5.1 miles easy (7:20)

Thu: AM - 10.6 miles with 6x800 w/ 400m rec jog. Conditions were windy with 15mph winds gusting to 25mph.  The 100-200m and 500-600m stretch were tough because of the headwinds, but I ran strong.  Splits were 2:30, 2:31, 2:29, 2:30, 2:30, 2:29.  PM - 5.2 miles easy (8:15)

Fri: AM - 8 miles easy (6:54). Felt really good but I about froze my tail off; PM - 5.4 miles easy (7:37)

Sat: 20.2 miles with 16 miles moderate at 6:07 pace. Goal was 16 miles at 6:10 pace.  Ran 5 loops of the downtown loop (2.97 mile loop) and a shorter 1 mile loop.  Felt good, smooth and controlled.  Definitely could have gone one more loop feeling controlled.  

Sun: AM - 7.6 miles easy (7:19); PM - 3.8 miles easy (7:49)

Weekly Total: 104.1 miles on 13 runs/7 days
Another 100+ mile week.  I'm really happy with how quickly my legs recover from the hard workouts and back-to-back weeks of high volume.  Saturday's workout wasn't a walk in the park, but it also didn't feel tough as I thought it should.  This may be a sign that I'm getting fitter.  

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

January 26 - February 1 Training

Mon: AM - 8.5 miles easy with 6x30s pickups (6:58); PM - 5.1 miles easy (7:23)

Tue: AM - 13 miles including 8x3:00 fast/3:00 steady over rolling hills (6:38).  Plan was to run the 3:00 fast portion at HM/10K effort with the recovery portion at a steady effort (about 6:15 effort).  This was a very tough workout, especially with the hills.  I lasted for 6 reps, but still continued on with the remaining two reps even if the pace and effort was slower.  What makes this workout tough is the recovery because you really don’t feel like you’re recovering.  As my coach told me, this is a gut-checker type workout.    PM – 5.1 miles easy (7:10)

Wed: AM  10 miles easy/medium (6:37). It was a freezing 16 degrees with 15-20mph winds, so I chickened out and ran on the treadmill.  Ran the first 5 miles easy and the last 5 medium starting at 6:20ish pace and progressing down to 6:05.  Last 5 miles was in 31:03 (6:13 pace).  PM – 5.2 miles easy (7:13)

Thu: AM - 8.3 miles easy (7:08); PM - 4.6 miles easy (7:41)

Fri: AM - 10.3 miles with 10x400 w/ 400 rec jog. The track had a light coating of snow, but it wasn't slippery so I was able to run the workout.  The goal was to run fast, keep smooth and get the legs turning.  Splits were 72, 70, 72, 72, 71, 71, 70, 70, 70, 70.  The last 3 reps were tough, but I still managed to split 70s.  PM - 4 miles easy (7:41)

Sat: 20 miles long run on rolling hills (6:47).  Goal was to run at a normal long run pace, whatever that means.  Felt really good even with yesterday's interval session.  

Sun: AM - 8 miles easy (7:20); PM - 3.8 miles easy (7:55)

Weekly Total: 105.9 miles on 13 runs/7 days
A tough and good week of training that included some high volume and intensity.  This week's total put me at three consecutive weeks of 100+ miles.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 19 - 25 Training

Mon: AM - 8.5 miles easy with 6x30s pickups (7:02); PM - 4.5 miles easy (7:37)

Tue: AM - 12.4 miles with 10x3:00 on/1:30 off (6:38); Started around 5:45 pace for the first 3 reps and then worked my way down to 5:30 pace for the last 5. PM – 4.2 miles easy (7.43)

Wed: AM – 8.5 miles easy (7:02); PM – 5.1 miles easy (7:15)

Thu: AM – 12 miles with 10 miles medium progression in 63:19, 6:20 pace. Roads were slick from snow, so I ran the workout on the treadmill. Started out at 6:30ish and then slowly increased the pace to 6:15-6:10. The effort felt much easier in the last 5 miles than the first 5. PM – 4 miles easy (7:10)

Fri: AM – 5 miles easy (7:34); PM - 7 miles easy (7:04)

Sat: AM - 20.1 miles long run with miles 16-19 in 23:10, 5:48 pace (6:30 overall avg pace); Ran the first 15 miles easy and controlled on rolling hills averaging 6:40 pace, the next 4 miles (16-19) at sub-6:00 or MP effort, and the last mile easy.  I ran 23:10 for 4 miles with splits at 5:49, 5:47, 5:46, and 5:48.  I thought sub-6:00 or MP effort would feel tough, but it actually felt fast and controlled.  

Sun: AM - 8.3 miles easy (7:16); Expected the legs to be fatigued and heavy, but they actually felt good.  Felt like I was jogging at 7:45 pace.  PM - 3 miles easy (7:51)

Weekly Total: 102.7 miles on 13 runs/7 days
It was my 2nd consecutive week of hitting 100+ miles.  100 miles/week is starting to feel more like 80-90 miles/week.  Definitely a good sign.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12 - 18 Training

Mon: AM - 8.25 miles easy with 6x30s pickups (7:14); PM - 5.1 miles easy (7:52)

Tue: AM - 10.7 miles 4 miles Tempo (22:49, 5:42 pace) and 2x400m (67, 66); Goal was to run the tempo at 5:40-5:45 pace. Mile splits were 5:50, 5:41, 5:41, 5:37.   I ran the 2x400s on a slight downhill.  The intent was to get some quad-pounding and used to running downhill in preparation for Boston's course.   PM - 5 miles easy (7:24)

Wed: AM - 10 miles easy/medium (6:41); Ran easy for the first 5 miles and then at a medium pace (6:15-6:20ish) over the last 5.   PM - 5.1 miles easy (8:02)

Thu: AM - 5 miles easy (7:29);  PM - 6 miles easy (7:14)

Fri: AM - 10.6 miles with 16x60s on/off Fartlek; Plan was to start a little slower than 5K pace and then work my way down.  I ran the first 8 reps around 5:15 pace.  In the last half I felt like I was running close to 5K pace/effort or even slightly faster, but then the actual pace was a little slower.  The legs were probably feeling the effects of a faster day-to-day running (Tue tempo followed by an easy/medium run on Wed).   PM - 4.4 miles easy (7:50)

Sat: 20 miles long run easy/medium (6:37); The first 10 miles were nice and easy at a 6:51 avg pace.  The last 10 miles were on rolling hills at a medium pace/effort starting at 6:30ish pace and working my way down to 6:15-6:10.  Felt really good and was cruising comfortably over the last 10 miles, which I ran in 63:37 (6:21 pace).  

Sun: AM - 6.6 miles easy (7:32);  PM - 4.6 miles easy (7:42)

Weekly Total: 101.3 miles on 13 runs/7 days
It was a good week of training both with volume and intensity.  I did some faster running or quality workouts on back-to-back days, which is a different than what I've done in the past.   I also hit my first 100+ mile week in this Boston marathon training cycle, whereas I only had one week at 100+ miles leading up to CIM.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 5 - 11 Training

Mon: AM - 8.5 miles easy (7:07); PM - 4.1 miles easy (7:13)

Tue: AM - 9.5 miles with 6x60s uphill and 2x60s downhill. Ran the workout on the treadmill because the roads were slippery and covered with snow.  I ran the uphills with the treadmill incline at 6-7% grade, which is the grade of the Newton hills.  For the first 3 reps, I started at 5:15 pace and then increased the pace to 5:10 for the last 30 sec.  The last 3 reps I started at 5:10 and increased to 5:05-5:00 pace.  For the downhills, I was only able to run 5:00 pace at a -2% grade because that's all my treadmill was capable of.  While I got the leg to turnover, I didn't achieve the downhill pounding and quad-beating which was the purpose of the downhills.  PM - 6 miles easy (7:58)

Wed: AM - 5.3 miles medium (6:32); Planned run was 10 miles at an easy/medium effort. I woke up late and didn't have enough time to put in 10 miles, so I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 5 miles before I had to get ready for work.  After a mile warm-up, I ran the next 4.3 miles in 27:07 (6:19 pace) starting at 6:30ish and then working my way down to 6:10.  Pace felt very comfortable and steady;  PM - 6.2 miles easy (7:20)

Thu: AM - 5.1 miles easy (7:25) treadmill; PM - 6.1 miles easy (7:06)

Fri: 8.6 miles with 6x30s pick-ups (7:00) treadmill;

Sat: 18.3 miles long run with 6x1/2 mile at marathon effort with 1/2 mile easy; Ran the first 12 miles averaging 6:48 and then alternated 1/2 mile at marathon effort with 1/2 mile easy for the last 6 miles.  Splits for the 1/2 mile at marathon effort were 2:56, 2:56, 2:55, 2:53 and 2:57.  

Sun: AM - 7 miles easy (7:12); PM - 4.6 miles easy (7:36)

Weekly Total: 89.3 miles on 12 runs/7 days
This week was a little rough with the freezing temps, but I still got in some pretty good volume and a couple decent workouts.  I just hope that there isn't any more snow days.