Saturday, April 09, 2011

Apr 4-10 (Rotterdam Marathon Race Week)

Mon: AM - 2.5M very easy;  PM - 7.5M easy  (10M tot)
Tue: 7M easy
Wed: 10M including 4 x 1000 cruise intervals (3:10, 3:09, 3:07, 3:05) + 3 x 200 (30, 30, 30)
Thu: 8M easy
Fri: 5M easy
Sat: 4M very easy
Sun: Rotterdam Marathon - 2:35:26

Weekly Total: 44 miles pre-race
The main goal for the 2nd and final peaking week was to freshen up the legs for raceday.  It wasn't a good start as the body and legs just didn't feel like running and I had almost no motivation to run on Tuesday.  I think the cold, rainy and windy conditions had to do with the miserable feeling.  Luckily, Wednesday was a complete turnaround.  I did my last tune-up workout, cruise intervals of 4 x 1000 plus 3 x 200. My legs felt amazingly good and light.  Each 1K (3:10, 3:09, 3:07, 3:05) was faster than the previous.  The feeling and result of the workout is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence for Sunday. The rest of the week was all very easy running until raceday.
Update: Ran 2:35:26 for 67th place overall.  I'm really bummed about my run, because I was feeling great and running well until about 25K when I encountered a side-stitch.  The stitch stayed with me for the rest of the race. My next post will be the Rotterdam Race Report (my apology for taking my time).

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mar 28 - Apr 3

Mon: 8.7M easy run
Tue: AM - 5M easy run;  PM - 10M including 10 x 1' @ ~5k effort w/ 1' easy @ brisk pace  (15M tot)
Wed: 13.2M easy run
Thu: AM - 4.5M easy run;  PM - 10M easy run  (14.5M tot)
Fri: 12.2M including 4 x 2000 tempo intervals (6:38, 6:36, 6:32, 6:28) w/ 400m rec + 3 x 200m (30, 30, 30)
Sat: 8.8M easy run
Sun: 12M fast-finish long run; first 6 miles easy then 10K (Parelloop) in 34:50

Weekly Total: 84 miles on 9 runs/7 days
This week was the start of the peaking period for Rotterdam.  I decreased the total weekly mileage, but kept the quality workouts intense to keep the engine revving.  The fartlek workout of 10 x 1' on Tuesday felt shorter than what I'm used to, which is a very good sign. On Friday I did 2K tempo intervals on the track, each 2K faster than the previous one.  Sunday was my last fast-finish long run and dress rehearsal for the marathon.  Because my girlfriend was running a race in Parelloop Brunssum, I decided to enter the 10K and run my fast-finish long run as part of the race.  I ran the first 6 miles easy before the race started, and then jumped into the 10K (don't worry, I registered) to run the marathon pace portion of the workout.  I actually ended up exceeding my marathon pace speed limit.  However, I still ran controlled and practically kept the same pace throughout the race.  My 10K time in the Parelloop recreation run was 34:50 with 5K splits at 17:30 and 17:20.