Sunday, May 31, 2009

25-31 May

Mon: 8.3M @ 7:06 pace including 5 x hill sprints (12 seconds)
Tues: AM - 4.2M @ 7:21 pace; PM - 9M including 5x300 + 4x500 + 5x300
Wed: 10M @ 7:02 pace
Thur: Noon - 8.5M @ 7:06 pace; PM - 4.2M @ 7:12 pace
Fri: 12M including 2 x 2.5M tempo intervals; 13:51 (5:33, 5:35, 2:43), 13:42 (5:30, 5:32, 2:40)
Sat: 7M @ 6:58 pace
Sun: 15M @ 6:41 pace with last 4 miles moderate (6:25, 6:16, 6:10, 6:10)

Weekly Total: 78.2 miles

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back on track

First short interval speed session on the track with my Dutch running friends in what seemed like ages. The workout was 5 x 300 + 4 x 500 + 5 x 300, all with 200 meters recovery. Before heading to the track I checked Daniel's Running Formula book for my training pace(s). Based on my recent marathon result, I should be running the short repititions in: 35 seconds for 200 meters and 71 seconds for 400 meters. I really didn't expect much from the legs since it was just my first time back on the track for some leg turnover. The legs and body felt great the entire workout and I never felt like I was running at an all out effort. Here are the splits for the workout:

5 x 300 (54, 51, 52, 50, & 51)
4 x 500 (1:30, 1:31, 1:29, & 1:29)
5 x 300 (51, 52, 50, 51, & 51)

On the 300s I came through the 200 mark in 33-34, and for the 500s I came through the 400 mark in 71s.

Today: AM - 4.2M @ 7:21 pace; PM - 9M including 5x300 + 4x500 + 5x300
Mon: 8.3M @ 7:06 pace including 5 x hill sprints (12 seconds)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

18-24 May

First full week of training following marathon recovery.

Mon: 7.25M @ 7:03 pace
Tues: 9M @ 6:54 pace including 10 x 30 sec. w/ 1' easy
Wed: 10M @ 7:07 pace
Thur: 10M @ 6:45 pace
Fri: 9.3M progression run; 50' easy then 10' faster (1.8M @ 5:33 pace)
Sat: 6.5M @ 6:57 pace
Sun: 14M @ 6:42 pace with last 3 miles moderate (6:20, 6:15, 6:15)

Weekly Total: 66 miles

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Berlin sold out

Luckily, I made an early decision on Berlin and registered when I did, because the marathon sold out as of yesterday, exactly four months prior to race day. It was also announced that Haile Gebrselassie will once again run Berlin and try to break his own marathon world record. Insane!

Interesting stats on my last couple runs. I ran an easy 10 miles yesterday and today; different course/route, but the terrain/elevation about the same. On Wednesday's run, which I ran alone, I averaged 7:07 pace and 150 HR. In today's run, which I ran with my speedy friend Jurgen, I ran almost 4 minutes faster (:22 sec/mile faster) but still averaged the same HR (150). Both runs felt aerobically easy and good. Sometimes I wonder about the human body.





Avg HR











Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to life

Marathon recovery is complete and now it's time to get back to training. I'll slowly build the mileage and begin incorporating the key workouts into the weekly schedule. I intend to structure my weekly training similar to that of the last couple marathon training cycles....3 key workouts (fartlek/intervals, tempo/MP runs, & long runs) and the rest easy running. However, this time I will include some hill running, short sprints up a steep hill, on one or two of the easy runs. I didn't waste any time incorporating this as I did 3 x hill sprints at the 5 mile mark of yesterday's 7+ mile easy run. I could tell that the legs and body wasn't used to sprinting up hills because I woke up with some tight buttocks. It's a good thing I'm experiencing the new stress in the early phase. Today's run was a fartlek workout of 10 x :30 seconds with 1 minute easy.

Today: 9M @ 6:54 pace including 10 x 30 sec. w/ 1' easy
Mon: 7.25M @ 7:03 pace

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The decision is made and registration completed. Berlin will be marathon number 11.

Had a nice easy run of 12+ miles this morning. Kept the HR between 65-73% of max heart rate the entire run. Was happy to see the pace drop to 6:40 for the last 7 miles with the HR and effort staying the same. A good sign of fitness with recovery coming to an end.

11-17 May

Mon: 7M @ 7:18 pace; core
Tues: 7M @ 7:11 pace; core
Wed: DNR
Thur: 9M @ 7:03 pace
Fri: 7.2M @ 7:02 pace; core
Sat: 7.1M @ 7:03 pace
Sun: 12.4M @ 6:50 pace

Weekly Total: 49.7 miles

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, I'm in my third and final week of recovery from the marathon and the body is feeling good. Still taking all my runs easy as I want to ensure I recover properly not only from the marathon but also from last week's 10-miler. Was quite impressed that I didn't feel any soreness in the legs after Saturday's race. Yesterday, I took a complete day off from running only because I didn't take one last week (Week 2 of Recovery). To sum up this week so far, I did 7 miles on Mon & Tues, a DNR (did not run) on Wed, and 9 miles today all easy. I'll finish off the week with easy runs capping the mileage right around 48 miles.

4-10 May (Week 2 Recovery)

Mon: 6M @ 7:13 pace; core & stretching
Tues: 5M @ 7:24 pace
Wed: 6M @ 7:07 pace; core & stretching
Thur: 5.1M @ 7:02 pace; core & stretching
Fri: 5.1M @ 7:05 pace ; core & stretching
Sat: 10M Race in 55:14 (5:31 pace); 13.5M total
Sun: 8.6M @ 7:12 pace

Weekly Total: 49.3

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bruggen Ten - 55:14 (PR)

Ran the Bruggen Ten (10-Miles) placing 3rd overall in a new personal best of 55:14. I ran this race because my work asked me early on to run for the team competition. I wasn't expecting much coming out of it because it was only the 2nd week of recovery from the Hamburg Marathon. The legs felt fairly good all week though. I only did short and very easy runs on Monday to Friday (6, 5, 6, 5, & 5 miles).

Briefly about my race. I came across the 1st mile in 5:27 feeling comfortable. Over the next couple miles I worked my way up to 4th place. By the halfway mark (5M in 27:51), I caught and overtook the 3rd runner and could also see the 2nd runner about 150 meters ahead. I kept pressing trying to close the gap from miles 6-8, but only managed to pull back about 50 meters. At 9 miles, the 2nd runner for the first time looked back. I could see and knew at this point that he was just trying to hold on. I slowly reeled him in over the last mile, but it was too late as he crossed the finish about 5 seconds faster than me. 2nd place would have been nice, but I can't complain since it was a PR by over a minute. Our team (JFC Brunssum) took both the Overall and NATO team competition.

1-5M: 27:51
6-10M: 27:23

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Next Marathon???

I'm trying to decide which marathon in the Fall to run next. I've narrowed my choices to Berlin, Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) or Eindhoven.

According to my European Marathon Tour plan, Berlin Marathon is next on the list. It is actually my most favorable right now because of its fast course....and I want to run fast, faster than 2:34. Enough said.

I'm also considering Marine Corps Marathon. One might ask why run MCM again. In fact, MCM is the only marathon which I have ran more than once. The first MCM ('03) was my 1st marathon. I ran MCM ('05) a 2nd time as part of the US Army team, which is the only reason I'm considering running it again. 2005 was also the last time Army won the Armed Forces Marathon Championship team competition. It'll be a great feeling to run again in the Army team alongside the fastest runners in our nation's military service.

Eindhoven Marathon. Despite it not being listed on my EMT, I'm choosing Eindhoven as my fall-back marathon. I see myself running this marathon only if I decide not to run Berlin (or if Berlin registration fills up or closes) and I don't get selected to run in the Army team (improbable). Eindhoven Marathon is also fast (course record of 2:07:50) with great crowd support and good weather.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Monday, May 04, 2009


Not a whole lot to write about. Recovery is ongoing. I took 4 days complete off from running following the marathon . On Friday I did a very slow and easy 30 minutes, and then on Saturday did 68 minutes also very easy. On Sunday I did not run, but I did bike about 30 miles on the Dusseldorf Marathon course supporting my friends Susanne Hahn (winner) and Jurgen (pacer for Susanne). Thanks to Susanne's coach and husband, I was fortunate to obtain an official bib, which allowed me to be on the course with my bike following Susanne and Jurgen. Congrats to Susanne on another win and personal best of 2:29:26, a time (sub-2:30) I hope to acheive in the future.

Today was 45 minutes of easy running.