Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rain, rain stay away

It's been about two weeks since I've been back. Not a whole lot of excitement on the running side and I don't think there will be until I complete this deployment. The weather right now is wonderful for running, low-60s in the morning and dry. I mention dry because in about 3-4 weeks the rain will touch ground and it will be ugly. I will have no choice but to run on the dreaded mill. The dirt/sand will turn into mud and will not dry up till around March. Yes, you got that right.... it will be a few months of treadmill running. The plan is to run easy with maybe one key workout and the mileage somewhere around 50-55 miles/wk. Hopefully this will keep me in decent shape.

Thur: 9.1M (58:51 - 6:28 pace); ran a 4-mile tempo at slower than tempo pace. splits: 6:06, 5:52, 5:47, & 5:40; really didn't feel like running any faster so I just went with it.

Wed: 8M easy; (56:17 - 7:02 pace)

Tues: 10M (1:06:15 - 6:38 pace) Fartlek workout: 3 x 3-2-1 @ ~3k-5k pace; felt good to get in some fast pace running.

Mon: 8.5M easy; (1:00:04 - 7:04 pace)

Sun (28 Oct): 10M easy; (1:08:36 - 6:52 pace)

Sat (27 Oct): 10M easy; (1:07:39 - 6:46 pace)

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Eric said...

You'll adapt to the boredom of the treadmill in a short time. If anybody can do, you can (and I did it, so you *definitely* can!)

One warning is to watch out for the transition back to the roads. The treadmill forces you to use different muscles, and it's quite a bit softer, so the mechanical load is less overall, and your legs will adapt to it.

I averaged 95 miles a week for 15 weeks exclusively on the treadmill, went to the roads and got hurt shortly thereafter. So, when you're able to get back *off* the darn thing, take it easy, find some soft surfaces to mix in with the concrete and asphalt.

Good luck with the dreadmill!