Saturday, April 05, 2008

Good and Bad News!

(Good) I ran my first race (Inside-Out Sports Classic Half-Marathon) last Sunday, only 10 days following my arrival from Iraq. I'd say it was a 13.1M time trial vs. a race. I placed 2nd overall in 1:15:45 running just about the entire race alone from mile 2 to the finish. The course was very challenging as it was mostly rolling hills. I had a hard time getting out of my comfortable zone and pushing myself as I knew there was noone close behind me. My splits were 11:46 (2M), 5:39, 5:45, 5:53, 5:59, 5:49, 5:49, 5:39, 5:30, 5:47, 5:41, 5:55, & :33.

(Bad) I would write more about my race, but I'm not so much motivated to. The reason being is because I'm in a depressed mode due to an injury. Two miles into my run on Tuesday I felt some pain on the outside of my right knee. The outside of the knee would hurt each time I bend it or push off. It turns out that I encountered an Iliotibial Band Syndrome. For now, I'll take a few days off of running and hope to get healthy very soon.

(Good) In other brief news: I signed up for Grandma's Marathon (21 Jun). I also have about 3 more months (till end of June) remaining stateside before I head out to my new duty assignment (Brunssum, Netherlands). Can't wait!


Phil said...

Hope that IB heals quickly ... although it is good to know that you are actually human.

Great race so soon after the end of your deployment.

Eric said...

Well, looky're not a Terminator after all! haha

I had a bout of ITBS that lasted about 18 months. Yes, it can last seemingly forever. The good news is, once I figured out that weightlifting helped, it didn't take more than a few weeks of strengthening (squats, lunges, etc.) to get rid of it. Stretching didn't seem to help much, but it didn't make it worse, either. Orthotics and all the traditional remedys did nothing for me.

Give the weights a try.

Excellent race by the way! Frickin' fast on a tough course.