Sunday, January 03, 2010

28 Dec - 3 Jan

A good amount of snow fell overnight which made for a nice scenic long run.  I ran mostly on snow-free streets and bike paths, thanks to the early morning snow-plowing crew.  In some areas, such as the tractor trails between farmlands, I could not avoid running on snow.  I actually didn't mind it though because it felt like low-impact running. 
Here's last week's training.

28 Dec - 3 Jan

Mon: 8.5M easy
Tues: 9M including 6 x :30 w/ 1' easy
Wed: 5.5M easy
Thur: 8K race in 27:00; 10M total
Fri: 10.7M easy
Sat: 10.3M easy with core
Sun: 16M easy

Weekly Total: 70 miles


Michael said...

Nice photo, very seasonal. I notice your "upcoming race(s)" is blank, so, what's next? Any ideas?

PJ Carroll said...

Whats your take on taking a full weeks rest during the season or do you do that

Wayne said...

I apologize for not getting back to your comments earlier.

Micheal - I don't have any races planned right now.

PJ - I don't normally take a full week off from running. I did so because my body was very tired, especially because I trained and ran 4 marathons in a year's period.