Monday, January 03, 2011

Dec 27 - Jan 02

Mon: 8.6M easy
Tue: 12.2M including 6 sets of: 1' @ 5:42 pace & 6% incline w/ 1' rec + 1' @ 5:00 & 1% incline w/ 1' rec (treadmill)
Wed: 7M easy
Thu: 5.7M easy
Fri: AM - 3M easy; PM - Sylvesterloop Elsloo 10K - 5th Place 32:58 (PR); 14M total
Sat: 8.7M easy
Sun: 15.5M long run

Weekly Total: 72 miles on 8 runs/7 days
Running conditions early in the week were too icy, so I opted to run the scheduled fartlek on the treadmill.  Despite my dislike for treadmill running, I had a good workout and I think it set me up nicely for Friday's New Year's Eve race, which was a positive end to 2010.  Sunday was a long run of 108 minutes. My legs felt fairly good and with the exception of a little tightness in the calvesI wouldn't have remembered that I ran a race a few days before.

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Michael said...

Congratulations on the new PR, you're running really well at the moment. Well done, all the best in 2011!