Sunday, March 06, 2011

Feb 28-Mar 6

Mon: AM - 5.5M easy; PM - 9M easy (14.5M tot)
Tue: AM - 5M easy; PM - 12.6M including 16 x 400 (71-73") w/ 200 rec + 3 x 200 (32, 33, 32) w/ 200 rec (17.6M tot)
Wed: AM - 4.5M easy; 13.4M easy (17.9M tot)
Thu: AM - 5M easy; PM - 10.4M easy (15.4M tot)
Fri: 13.6M including 6M tempo in 32:54, 5:29 pace
Sat: AM - 9M easy; PM - 4.3M easy (13.3M tot)
Sun: 18M at 6:21 avg pace; last 3K in 10:35 (3:33, 3:32, 3:30)

Weekly Total: 110 miles in 12 runs/ 7 days
The training week was much of the same as the last few weeks; recovery day on Mon, speed session on Tue, endurance runs of at least an hour on Wed/Thu/Sat, lactate threshold workout on Fri, and a long run on Sun.  Tuesday's track session of 400s went well.  I ran mostly 72s with a few at 71 and 73.  I enjoyed this session because, mentally, it went by quickly (despite it being 16 repeats) only having to run one lap of the track.
Friday's tempo run was a good confidence booster for next weekend's CPC Loop half-marathon.  I ran the 6M tempo in 32:54 (5:29 avg pace) on the track. Each mile was faster than the previous one (splits: 5:40, 5:33, 5:31, 5:29, 5:26, & 5:15).  My coach told me to run the tempo pretty hard as the run would be short compared to what my legs are used to.  I guess he was right. I ran the last mile of the tempo in 5:15 with the last couple laps in 79 and 75 seconds respectively.  Today's long run was on the shorter end of the scheduled 18-22M to ensure I don't tire the legs for next weekend's race. I ran 18 miles, the first 16 miles comfortably at ~6:25 pace and then the last 2 miles (3K in 10:35; 5:41 pace or 3:32/km) at a little faster than goal MP, just to get the legs moving quickly.

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Mark said...

I think I'll start living vicariously through your running efforts as it's putting the rest of us mere mortals to shame. Keep up the good work!