Monday, April 04, 2011

Mar 28 - Apr 3

Mon: 8.7M easy run
Tue: AM - 5M easy run;  PM - 10M including 10 x 1' @ ~5k effort w/ 1' easy @ brisk pace  (15M tot)
Wed: 13.2M easy run
Thu: AM - 4.5M easy run;  PM - 10M easy run  (14.5M tot)
Fri: 12.2M including 4 x 2000 tempo intervals (6:38, 6:36, 6:32, 6:28) w/ 400m rec + 3 x 200m (30, 30, 30)
Sat: 8.8M easy run
Sun: 12M fast-finish long run; first 6 miles easy then 10K (Parelloop) in 34:50

Weekly Total: 84 miles on 9 runs/7 days
This week was the start of the peaking period for Rotterdam.  I decreased the total weekly mileage, but kept the quality workouts intense to keep the engine revving.  The fartlek workout of 10 x 1' on Tuesday felt shorter than what I'm used to, which is a very good sign. On Friday I did 2K tempo intervals on the track, each 2K faster than the previous one.  Sunday was my last fast-finish long run and dress rehearsal for the marathon.  Because my girlfriend was running a race in Parelloop Brunssum, I decided to enter the 10K and run my fast-finish long run as part of the race.  I ran the first 6 miles easy before the race started, and then jumped into the 10K (don't worry, I registered) to run the marathon pace portion of the workout.  I actually ended up exceeding my marathon pace speed limit.  However, I still ran controlled and practically kept the same pace throughout the race.  My 10K time in the Parelloop recreation run was 34:50 with 5K splits at 17:30 and 17:20.

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