Monday, January 09, 2017

January 2 - 8 Training

Mon: AM - 8.2 miles easy (7:20); PM - 4.1 miles easy (7:38).  Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, only because I'll be able to knock out my second run during lunch hour and have the evenings free to play with the kids.

Tue: AM - 10.7 miles including 5x1k at sub 5:05 pace w/ 400m slow jog, 4x200m fast w/ 200m jog.  Workout went really well, probably one of my better interval sessions I've had in a while.  My 1k splits were 3:06, 3:08, 3:06, 3:06 and 3:06.  I was pretty happy to see that all of my splits, with the exception of the 2nd rep, were consistent at 3:06 (4:59 pace). For the 200s, the goal was to close hard and fast while keeping good form.  Again, I surprised myself with the splits and ran all of them in 30s.  PM - 5.1 miles very easy (8:11); Running 8:00+/mile felt really good after this morning's workout. 

Wed: AM - 8.1 miles easy (7:20); PM - 5 miles easy (7:12)

Thu: AM - 9.3 miles including 4x1/4 mile uphill, 4x1/4 mile downhill.  Ran the uphill repeats in 72, 73, 73, 72 and the downhill repeats in 61, 63, 61, and 61.  Got in some really good work, and by the end of the workout I felt like I needed a new set of lungs.  I ran this same workout three weeks ago in 76, 78, 79, 80 for the uphill and 66, 65, 64, 63 for the downhill, so today's workout was a nice improvement.  PM - 4.9 miles easy (7:32)

Fri: AM - 7.5 miles easy (7:41); PM - 5 miles easy (7:21)

Sat: 22.4 miles long run (6:49).  Man, it was freezing (23 deg with a real-feel of 15).  I managed to finish my run before the roads were covered in snow.  This week's long run was nice and easy with the main purpose of spending time on my feet.  Ran the first 13 miles on rolling hills and then the last 9 miles on fairly flat ground. 

Sun: AM - 6.6 miles easy (7:23). Today was even colder with a real-feel of 3 degrees!  There was also snow on the ground from yesterday, but luckily the roads were still runnable; PM - 4 miles easy (7:30)

Weekly Total: 101.1 miles on 13 runs/7 days
A good week of training that included some decent variety (speed, hills and endurance).  It was also the coldest week with temperatures well below freezing from Thursday through Sunday.  I really don't mind the freezing temps, as long as the roads are not too icy/snowy to run on. 


Mark Bell said...

Good to see you are getting in some healthy training and have Boston in your sights.

Wayne said...

Thanks Mark!