Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another good long run

I believe that my fitness has improved a bit. I thought today's long run was going to be a struggle after yesterday's run, which I ran most of it around marathon pace. The plan was to run long and easy according to how the body and legs were feeling. After a 7:04 first mile, the legs settled into a steady 6:40 pace. I stayed within plus or minus 3 seconds of 6:40 pace from miles 3 - 16. The last couple miles were ran at 5:55-6:00 pace.

I can't complain with how this week of running went. 71 miles in 6 days. It looks as though I won't be able to run a marathon till Nov. or Dec. Even though I'm anxious to run one very soon, I think running a marathon in Nov or Dec will work out perfectly. It will give me an extra 2-3 months of hard training. I'm feeling confident about running sub-6:00 pace for the marathon.

Today's Run: 1:59:44 (18 miles - 6:39 pace)


Dusty said...

Sounds great - good luck with the marathon! Will be great to watch the training.

I want to cross train by jumping out of a plane!! That is so cool! My neighbor's brother was stationed out there for gosh, 5-6 years, I think. Yes, because one of their kids was born there - had to be at least 6+. They really liked it there and are missing it so much.

Have a great week!

Mike said...

Looks like you're on a roll. Getting down around marathon pace often and comfortably rolling along for 18 miles in the 6:40's does bode well for sub sixes in December. Let us know which marathon you pick.