Monday, August 21, 2006

Easy day

Nothing special about today's run. I put in 11+ miles this morning on 2 runs. Because I do a company run on the first duty day of the week, I had to get up very early to put in some miles at my easy pace. I ran an easy 6 miles before running my company for 5+ miles. This works out very well for me because i'm able to put in the miles and use the day as a recovery day from the long run.

Today's Run: 42:30 / 48:14


Dusty said...

nice runs - I'm just catching up on blogs. Good luck finding good races to fit into your schedule. Looks like they are opening up the 10-miler to corporations. It was listed on the USCAA site.

Yes - being in really good shape - your body probably enjoyed the extra days off - not bad to do that every so often if you are in super good shape.

Saw some great pictures of Guam as my neighbor's brother just returned from a tour there & in Cuba. They want to move back after he retires in 5 years. Looking at the pictures, can't say I blame them!

Wayne said...

I decided not to run the 10-miler in VA because it's a drive away. I know I'll get in some races in the fall.

It's good to hear that your neighbor's brother visited Guam. I hope he enjoyed his stay.