Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Army Physical Fitness Test

Normally during the week of the marathon self-doubt begins to creep in. So far that hasn't been the case, mainly because I've been very busy with work. I'm sure fear, self-doubt, and questions about my race will start to hit me over the next few days.

This morning I did my APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), which consists of 2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of situps, and a 2-mile run. I did a total of 120 pushups, 99 situps, and ran a 10:41 2-mile. As much as I wanted to run a faster 2-mile, I decided to hold back a little because of the tapering. I must say that the pushup and situp events went well despite focusing on training for the marathon over the past few months. I think the reason why I did well in those events is because I've stuck to my routine of doing a specific pushup/situp workout following my easy runs.

It's looking like I will make it Huntsville on Friday (I'm crossing my fingers).

Today's run: 25:33 (4M - 6:23 pace) 2 miles in 10:41
Yesterday's run: 39:14 (5.5M - 7:08 pace)


Mike said...

I'm glad to hear it looks like you'll make it to the race. I think you're ready to pop a great one.

Mark said...

GTG on APFT, anyone finish ahead of your (any) events? I was Navy and it got to be rather silly how many people would just do the minimum.

Good luck in Huntsville!

Cakmakli said...

I usually score over 290 but not quite 300. While it's good enough for an excellent on my NCOER, I'd like to exceed 300. If you have time do you think you could post your pushup and situp workout? I've been in for 22 years and have never heard of anyone doing that many pushups. Great Job.

kevin said...

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