Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not my choice of running clothes

I was not looking forward to this morning's mid-long run when I stepped out the door to what felt like an outdoor sauna. The air was extremely warm with almost no breeze. Later found out that it was 90 degrees at the time of my run. It was another run that I finished in soaked PTs (physical training uniform). Shorts that are a few inches above your knees and have no breathing room, PT shirt that weighs a ton when drenched in sweat, white ankle socks with no logos, and a reflective belt around your waist to let the enemy know it's the same 'ol guy out running around the camp again and again. Gotta love the Army PTs. Maybe I should wear 'em in a marathon. I so can't wait to run in my choice of running clothes: splits or v-notch shorts, singlet, dry-fit or no shirt, long sleeve, running cap, beanie..... To bad I don't have the luxury of wearing my choice of running clothes. I've gotten over it so it's really not a big deal now.

About the run: I ran fairly easy for the first six miles which I averaged 7:05 pace. The legs were feeling okay, not fresh but also not too fatigued. I suddenly got into a good rhythm and found myself running steady consistently hitting the miles in 6:35 – 6:40. After a 6:28 13th mile I noticed that the leg-turnover slowly started to increase. I went along with it and the Forerunner alerted me that mile 14 was at 6:19 (.5M in 3:13 & 3:06). Wanting to finish strong I took the last mile 1/4-mile at a time hitting the splits in 1:29, 1:27 (2:56), 1:28 (4:24), & 1:21 (5:45). I got a little too excited in the last 1/4 mile. It was a good way to finish the week of running.

Weekly Summary:
Mon: 9.25M easy (1:06:00 - 7:08 pace)

Tues: 12M (1:22:35 - 6:53 pace); 5 x 1200m w/ 3' recovery jogs; (4:01, 4:05, 4:03, 3:59, 4:04); extremely warm at 91 degrees; struggled and never got into rhythm.

Wed: 10.1M easy (1:11:47 - 7:07 pace)

Thur: 13M (1:24:02 - 6:28 pace); WU, 3M tempo (5:47 pace) w/ 3' easy, 2M tempo (5:41 pace) w/ 2' easy, 1M tempo (5:31 pace) w/ 1' easy, CD; felt like the legs got going about 2.5 miles into the 3M tempo. happy with the workout. still very warm.

Fri: 10M easy (1:11:35 - 7:10 pace)

Sat: 11M progression run (1:13:04 - 6:39 pace); first 5 miles in 35:20 (7:04 pace) then last 6 miles in 37:44 (6:17 pace); last mile in 5:55.

Sun: 15M steady run (1:40:46 - 6:43); steady easy with the last couple miles progressively faster; last mile in 5:45; very warm.

Weekly Total: 80.35 miles in 7 runs


Mike said...

Sounds like dreadful conditions, but that's a good looking week you have there. Tempo, 1000 repeats, a progression run and a long run w/a fast finish. Looks like you're definitely touching all the bases.

Dusty said...

Nice run and great week. That bites about the weather and clothing - but just think how fast you'll be when you are at a starting line in better conditions and wearing the clothes of your choice.. your times will drop like hot potatoes working out like this!! :)

Cakmakli said...

I haven't check your blog in quite awhile because I knew you were overseas. Glad to see you got in some running during your R&R. I would love to run again in Guam. I will be retiring in 2009 and plan to run the Guam marathon again as a Retirement Gift.

Anyway, you are correct about the P.T. uniform. You would think they would have done a better job with the materials and design when we went from the Army Greys. I think they tried to make the shorts unisex and ended up fitting neither males or females very well. Pockets also would have been nice. I think they could also have used a better material then cotton for the shirts. But we have come very far since the days of the "banana" suit. You are not old enough to remember those. It was yellow shorts, a very heavy reversable yellow and black cotton shirt, and the sweatsuits were yellow with no pockets and would shrink no matter how you washed them. Ask the CSM the next time you run into him if he remember them.