Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running through a storm

A storm hit western Europe, mainly France, earlier today causing the Netherlands to experience what the news said were hurricane-strength winds. In my opinion, the winds were not even close to hurricane-strength (comparing it with the typhoons I’ve been through in Guam).  However, the winds were definitely strong enough to make it a runner’s worst enemy. 

I ran a route where I would experience most of the headwinds during the first half of the run.  Well, it didn’t matter because it seemed like there was always a headwind.  At one point I was running forward and sideways (if that makes sense) just to stay on my feet and prevent myself from being blown away.  I found out afterwards that the winds were about 30-35mph.  The last 2 miles of the run were at marathon pace (MP).  It was a good long run which capped off the week at 101 miles. 

22 – 28 Feb

Mon: AM – 6M easy; PM – 7M easy
Tues: AM – 5M easy; PM – 11.5M including 10K tempo in 35:23
Wed: AM – 6M easy; PM – 9M easy
Thur: AM – 5M easy; PM – 8M easy
Fri: 13M including 3 x 3K in 10:19, 10:17, & 10:16
Sat: 10M easy
Sun: 21M with last 2 miles at goal MP (5:50 pace)

Weekly Total: 101 miles

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