Saturday, April 10, 2010

Race tomorrow

I feel that I've prepared myself very well for tomorrow's Rotterdam Marathon.  Now it's just a matter of execution and running a smart race.  The temperature looks to be good, chilly in the low 40's and sunny. However, I'm a bit concerned of the winds, forecasted to be around 12-14mph.  I know I should stop worrying about it because there's nothing anyone could do about it. The fact is runners train very hard and sacrifice a lot for one big race, but then they encounter things they have no control of.  I guess that's just reality and life. :-)  For now, I'm hoping there'll be a decent group running my pace so we can work together and draft off each other.

What's my goal? run fast, smart and under my PR.....and have fun of course! Wish me luck!

Here's this week's training, or shall I say tapering, leading up to Rotterdam.

5-11 Apr

Mon: 8.3M easy w/ 5 strides
Tue: 10M including 5 x 2K (7:09, 7:09, 7:06, 7:08)
Wed: 6M easy w/ 4 strides
Thu: 4M easy w/ 4 strides
Fri: 2.5M easy
Sat: 3.5M easy w/ 4 strides

Weekly Total (pre-race): 34 miles


Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

GOOD LUCK!! By now you have already finished the race, but good luck anyway :)

Roger Rousseau said...

Congrats with an excellent time in Rotterdam yesterday. Not the P.R. you hoped for, but under the circumstances (lots of wind) a time I would die for.


Wayne said...

Thanks Roger. It was very tough with the winds, especially from 20k-30k.
I talked to Patrick Delait afterwards....he too had a tough time in the 2nd half of the course.

chaco sandals said...

Love your blog, keep it up! :)