Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekly Summary: June 18 - July 1

Jun 25 - Jul 1

Mon: DNR
Tue: 10.2M easy
Wed: DNR
Thu: 10.5M easy
Fri: 10M easy
Sat: 9.2M easy
Sun: 15.2M easy

Weekly Total: 55 miles on 5 runs/ 5 days
I knew that this was going to be a low mileage week because of all the things I had going on. On Mon and Tue I packed up the household goods for my move to NC. And then the next two days I made the long road trip (1100 miles) to Fayetteville, NC. I'm glad to be back in NC and running some of my old running routes. Although, I'm not enjoying this heat wave that is hanging around.


Jun 18 - 24

Mon: AM - 7.3M easy; PM - 6M easy
Tue: AM - 9M including 6M tempo; PM - 6.2M easy
Wed: AM - 9M easy; PM - 4.7M easy
Thu: 6M easy
Fri: DNR; travel back to KC
Sat: AM - 12M including 6 x 3/4 mile w/ 3' rec jog; PM - 4.5M easy
Sun: 16M steady long run

Weekly Total: 80.7 miles on 10 runs/ 6 day
I was happy to get in a couple quality workouts this week. I did a 6 mile tempo starting out at about marathon pace and then getting down to about 10K effort. It was very humid when I ran the tempo in the early morning; however, my body was able to handle the conditions well. On Saturday, I was back in Kansas City; I ran repeats of 3/4 mile fartlek (~4 min) at the English Landing Park in Parkville. Despite missing one day of running due to travel, I still ended the week at 80 miles.

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