Friday, December 26, 2014

December 15 - 21 Training

Mon: 4.1 miles easy with 2x30s pick-ups (7:14)

Tue: APFT: push-ups - 105, sit-ups - 103, 2-mile - 10:35; 3.1 miles easy (7:40). 
It was a scheduled day off from running but I had my semi-annual Army Physical Fitness Test. I haven't done much push-ups and sit-ups over the last couple months, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm glad it went well and I still broke 100 reps. The 2-mile run felt like a good hard tempo. Ran 5:23 and 5:12 splits.

Wed: 7 miles easy (7:02)

Thu: 8.1 miles easy with 4x30s pick-ups (7:02). Felt good and smooth.

Fri: Did no run. Scheduled day off as part of recovery. Massage. 

Sat: 12.2 miles long run (6:50). Felt nice and easy

Sun: 5 miles easy (7:15)

Weekly Total: 41.5 miles on 6 runs/6 days
It was a good week of recovery. I should be ready to transition to some moderate workouts over the next couple weeks.

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