Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recovery & Next Race

Thanks to all who provided comments on my Berlin Marathon result and race report. A few comments mentioned the temperature and heat as a factor. I agree to a certain extent. However, I wouldn't use it as an excuse or reason for my not finishing strong.

Recovery is going extremely well. All the walking after the race and following day contributed to the legs only feeling sore for a couple days. Last week, I took 3 complete days off from running before going on a 30 minute slow jog. Runs of 27, 36 and 60 minutes wrapped up week 1 of recovery. Today was an easy 6 miles on trails with the legs feeling great. The rest of the week will continue to be easy running with a planned day off on Thursday.

My next race, as listed on the right, will be the Marine Corps Marathon on 25 October. I'll be running in the Army Team as part of the Armed Forces Marathon Championships.


Mark said...

Navy better watch out, Army's got a speedster showing up!

Michael said...

I didn't have a chance to congratulate you on your perfomance in Berlin. What a race, and report... well done. I can't believe how well you paced yourself. The PB is well deserved.

As for another marathon so soon, you're a nutter. Enjoy!

Wayne said...

I'm not sure Mark....Navy and Air Force has been kicking our butts the last few years. We have a decent team this year with me being the slowest in the team.

Michael - thanks. good luck in yours.