Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recovering from Boston

Week 1 recovery from Boston went very well. The case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) settled in on Wednesday morning causing me to walk down my apartment stairs backwards.  I knew that Wednesday would be the day that I'd feel the most soreness in the legs, primarily in the quads.  For week 1 recovery I took the first 3 days after the marathon completely off from running.  I wore my 2XU compression leg sleeves at every opportunity while relaxing at home.  The leg compression sleeves along with nightly foam rolling on The Grid are aiding in the recovery.  Friday afternoon I went for my first run, a 30' slog (slow jog).  I was very anxious to run because my body needed exercise (check out the cool video below).  The run was uneventful and I only felt a little of the quads, nothing too painful.  Saturday was a very easy 5 miles.  I was quite surprise with how my legs felt.  No soreness and just a tad of heaviness in the legs.  It is evident that my legs are recovering well, because my run this morning almost felt like a normal easy run. I will continue to take it very easy over the next week to ensure my legs fully recover.

I do not have any major races planned right now; however, there is a possibility I might run a 4-miler next Sunday.  It will depend on how my legs feel by the end of the work week.

Mon: Boston Marathon - 2:36:35, 56th Overall
Tue: DNR
Wed: DNR
Thu: DNR
Fri: 4M very easy
Sat: 5M very easy
Sun: 6M easy

Weekly Total: 41.2 miles on 4 runs/4 days



Amazing race dude!
I've only of runners going through HELL at BOSTON!
amazing resulst!
Max respect


opps typo error:
Should have read; I've only heard of runners going through Hell at BOSTON!

Wayne said...

Thanks Rick. I went through Hell at Boston in '04 when the conditions were similar. I wasn't going to make the heat beat me this time around.

Mark Bell said...

so I didn't run in '04 and can now appreciate the heat along with it's toll during the marathon, I also wore a hat, it had ice under it for 26 miles!

Wayne said...

I think racing in the heat for short races is not that bad, but the marathon is a different story with the body soaking up the sun for a few hours. Did the ice in your hat help cool you down? I know it helped me.