Friday, May 04, 2012

Hitting the track

It was the first time hitting the track in a very long time. My plan is to do some shorter races (5k-10k), maybe even up to half-marathon distance, over the next month or two, so I need to regain some leg speed. The track session consisted of 4 sets of 2x200 + 1x400 w/ equal recovery. The goal was to hit the 200s in 34" and the 400 in 70".  After a 20' warmup and a couple of strides, I was ready to get on with the workout.

I hit the first 200 of the 1st set in 32, which felt good but was not the goal time. At this phase of training, 3wks after a marathon, I'm focus on just getting in good sessions and not over-doing it in the workouts. I hit 34 and 70 seconds for the remainder of the 1st set. Right on target. My splits for the rest of the workout were practically on the dot with a few a tad too fast.

32, 34, 70
33, 34, 69
34, 33, 68
33, 34, 70

The speed session turned out to be a good one. I'm anxious to do more track workouts and run shorter races.



Can I ask what do you base your training paces on for your track efforts?

Wayne said...

I normally use the training pace chart in Daniel's Formula book or McMillan's Running Calculator, which I find both to be somewhat similar.