Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jun 4-10

Mon: AM - 5M easy; PM - 7.2M easy; 12.2M tot
Tue: AM - 8M easy; PM - 5M easy; 13M tot
Wed: 6M easy
Thu: 10.3M including 4 sets of 2x200 + 1x400 (35, 35, 72, 35, 35, 72, 35, 34, 71, 34, 34, 71)
Fri: 9M easy
Sat: AM - NEEC's Pioneer 5K Run: 16:35, 1st, 9M tot;  PM - 9M easy; 18M tot.
Sun: DNR; travel

Weekly Total: 68.5M on 9 runs/6 days
I ran easy with a couple double runs early in the week to recover from Hospital Hill.  On Thursday I hit the track for some short intervals, sets of 2x200 +1x400.  I had planned to run 5-6 sets, but only did 4 as it was very hot.  On Saturday, I ran a last minute 5K race (see previous post) as a hard tempo workout.  That afternoon I ran an easy 9 miles making it an 18-mile day.  On Sunday I traveled to Fort Gordon (Augusta, GA), which is where I'm currently at, for a 2-week Army course.  I had intended to fit in a run after arriving in the afternoon.  However, the run never happened because I literally spent my entire day stranded in the Atlanta airport.

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