Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marathon History

Updated marathon results. 
Marine Corps Marathon10/26/032:53:221st marathon
Honolulu Marathon12/14/033:09:38ran for fun while visiting family in Hawaii
Boston Marathon4/19/042:59:2385 deg at start; 2nd hottest Boston
Houston Marathon1/16/052:42:14negative splits: 1:21:11, 1:21:03
Marine Corps Marathon10/30/05 2:41:15splits: 1:20:16, 1:20:59
Austin Marathon2/19/062:38:16 negative splits: 1:19:17, 1:18:59
Rocket City Marathon12/09/062:39:21 splits: 1:18:29, 1:20:52
Grandmas Marathon06/21/082:54:08 came off an 8-wk ITBS and 4-5 wks of easy running
Amsterdam Marathon10/19/082:35:37 new PR; splits: 1:17:34, 1:18:03
Hamburg Marathon04/26/092:34:33 splits: 1:17:16, 1:17:17
Berlin Marathon09/20/092:34:06 new PR; splits: 1:16:20, 1:17:46
Marine Corps Marathon10/25/092:41:33 splits: 1:17:16, 1:24:17; 2nd marathon in 5 wks & 4th in a yr's period (Oct 08-09)
Rotterdam Marathon04/11/102:35:46 splits: 1:17:04, 1:18:42
Munich Marathon10/10/102:33:50 splits: 1:16:46, 1:17:04
Rotterdam Marathon4/10/112:35:26splits: 1:16:32, 1:18:54
Boston Marathon4/16/122:36:35negative splits: 1:18:29, 1:18:06


Zeke said...

Solid progression. Curious how you ran that first marathon. Were your splits negative there too?

Phil said...

Excellent progress. Your general level of fitness is amazing. Looking forward to reading more post.

Wayne said...

zeke - I did not run negative splits for my first marathon. My goal was a sub-2:50, which I was on track until mile 21. I struggled in the last few miles.

Cakmakli said...

Just curious, how come you've never ran the Guam Marathon? That was my first and my all time favorite. Guam has a great Running Club and have some great races

Wayne said...

cakmakli - Yes, Guam does have many good races. The running community has really grown.

I never ran the Guam Marathon because I only started running marathons in 2003 after I left the island. I've only been back home once since then. It's a no brainer that I must run it. Hopefully, timing will be on my side so I can run it and possibly win it too.