Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 points

I got shit on, literally, while on my run this evening. I was trotting along at a nice easy pace when, just as I ran by a tree, I felt something drop on my head (was wearing a beanie). At first I thought it was a drop of rain or water from the tree, but then I thought it can't be rain or water because it didn't rain at all today and it shouldn't feel that heavy. I then swiped my right hand (using gloves) on top of my beanie; when I looked at my glove it was bird shit. Couldn't help but laugh. I was just glad that I was wearing my beanie and gloves. There really wasn't a choice because it was 30 degrees. On my way back I made sure not to run under that same tree. That darn bird was probably planning on dropping another bomb on me. I'll give 10 points for a direct hit.

Today's Run: Noon - 9.2M easy @ 6:52 pace; PM - 5M very easy at 7:22 pace
Tues: 9.5M including 3 x 2000m
Mon: Noon - 9.2M easy @ 6:58 pace; PM - 5.1M very easy @ 7:32 pace

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