Tuesday, February 24, 2009


With a hard effort on last Saturday's race, a 2-hour run on Sunday and a total of 14 miles on two runs yesterday, my plan today was to run easy for an hour. However, about 30 minutes into the run I was quite surprised with how the legs were feeling. They felt good considering the amount of mileage in them over the past few days. Out of nowhere I decided to do a fartlek workout of 1-minute hard/easy. Well, not necessarily out of nowhere as this was really the scheduled workout with the intention of running it on Wednesday. I had in mind 10 reps, but ended up doing 12. I certainly felt like I could do more but did not want to overdue it. Tonight's run was a very easy 5 miler.

On the same topic of running, but different area, I'm playing Agent for my German running friends Jurgen and Silke. I submitted their information for the upcoming world-class event, the Brunssum Parelloop, which is basically in my backyard. I say world-class event because the 10K Top Run, the main event, is an invitation-only event consisting of world-class runners. Sammy Kipketer (2001) and Lornah Kiplagat (2004) have both set world records in the event. Last year, three Kenyans broke 28 minutes with Moses Masai taking top honors. I'm looking forward to this race as this will probably be my one and only elite competition in which I've been invited to run in.

Today: Noon - 10M @ 6:43 pace including 12 x 1' hard/easy; PM - 5.1 very easy @ 7:28 pace
Mon: AM - 9.6M @ 6:58 pace; PM - 4.5M easy @ 7:12 pace

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