Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nov 29 - Dec 5

Mon: 9M easy
Tue: AM - 6.2M easy; PM - 6.4M easy
Wed: 9M including 12 x 1' hard/easy
Thu: 9.3M easy/moderate
Fri: 8.4 easy
Sat: 6.2M easy
Sun: Kapellerbosloop 7.2K (Cross) - 7th Place 27:54; 6.5M total

Weekly Total: 61 miles on 8 runs/7 days
It wasn't the best week of training as running conditions were awful; lots of snow, ice, and freezing temps.  The cross race on Sunday was my first in a very long time.  The true cross country conditions (see previous post) made it a fun run, but challenging race.  I'm already looking forward to my next cross race this coming weekend. 

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