Friday, February 04, 2011

"He can take a bullet for us someday in Afghanistan, but he can’t run with his American contemporaries?"

This is ridiculous that Army WCAP runner Joseph Chirlee, who is a US citizen of less than 2 yrs, could not run in the USA XC Championships, not even as part of the armed forces competition.  Read the full New York Times article.


Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

Seriously, this is such a double standard. He IS a citizen, he serves our country, pays his taxes... And is not allowed to compete in a sport he loves? It's not like he is running for president and doesn't have a proper birth certificate to prove his birth place... He is just running. There are millions of illegal immigrants who are given benefits without question. Makes me sick.

Read/Write/Run said...

I don't agree with this rule. Unfortunately, there are requirements like this that make it difficult for someone like this to compete, even in the U.S. This should just give him the motivation, not that he doesn't have it already to really kick butt when the 2 years is up.