Thursday, February 03, 2011

Jan 24-30

Mon: 9M easy
Tue: AM - 10M including 12 x 200 (31-33") w/ 200 rec; PM - 5M easy  (15M tot)
Wed: AM - 13.5M easy; PM - 5M easy (18.5M tot)
Thu: AM - 10.2M easy; PM - 5M easy (15.2M tot)
Fri: AM - 17.2M including 65' Steady State (5:43 pace); PM - 5M easy (22.2M tot)
Sat: 9M easy
Sun: 18.6M long run, 6:29 pace

Weekly Total: 107.5 miles on 11 runs / 7 days
It was a 20% jump in the total mileage from last week as I began doing doubles.  The legs handled the mileage well while still running good in the quality workouts. This really isn't a surprised to me because my body and legs are accustomed to high mileage.  On Friday I increased the steady state run by 10' for a total 65 minutes. This was by far the longest steady state or tempo run I've ever ran.  For the 65' I averaged 5:43 pace and covered 11.4 miles.  It was the same exact pace I ran in last week's steady state, but 10' more.  Sunday's steady long run also went extremely well. Ran 18.6M (30K) in 2 hours and avg'd 6:29 pace, which was 10 seconds per mile faster than last week.  I was comfortable the entire run and never felt like I was exceeding the long run pace/effort.

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