Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jan 31 - Feb 13

Feb 7-13

Mon: AM - 6M easy; PM - 8.7M easy (14.7 tot)
Tue: AM - 5M easy; PM - 12M including 8 x 800 (2:32, :26, : 29, :27, :28, :27, :27, :28) w/ 400 rec + 3 x 200 (33, 33, 32) w/ 200 rec.  (17M tot)
Wed: 13.4M easy
Thu: AM - 5.5M easy; PM - 10.2M easy (15.7M tot)
Fri: AM - 5M easy; PM - 14.5M including 10M tempo run in 57:07 (19.5M tot)
Sat: AM - 9M easy; PM - 4M easy (13M tot)
Sun: 18.8M long run; 6:24 pace

Weekly Total:   112 miles on 12 runs / 7 days
It was an A+ week of training this week.  An interval session of 800s on Tuesday, a 10 mile tempo run on Friday and a 2 hr steady long run complemented a 112 mile week.  The 800s went very well and I was quite surprised that I consistently hit sub-2:30 for the half-miles.  I never ran 800s that fast in the past.  On Friday, I ran a 10 mile tempo on the track. I started out at what felt like marathon pace and then slowly decreased the pace as the run went on.  I ran 5:46 pace for the first 3 miles, then 5:37-5:40 pace for miles 4-9, and then finished strong with a 5:30 mile.  


Jan 31 - Feb 6

Mon: AM - 5.8M easy; PM - 8.7M easy (14.5M tot)
Tue: AM - 12.8M including 15 x 1' fartlek on rolling course w/ 1' rec at brisk pace; PM - 5M easy (17.8M tot)
Wed: DNR
Thu: 6M easy 
Fri: DNR 
Sat: AM - 10.5M easy; PM - 6M easy (16.5M tot) 
Sun: 18.6M steady long run; 6:28 pace

Weekly Total: 73.4 miles on 8 runs / 5 days
It was a low mileage week, compared to last week, from two DNR (did not run) because I had my last wisdom tooth extracted.  I thought that I'd only miss out on one day (surgery day), but that wasn't the case as the percocets stayed in my body forcing me to DNR on Friday.  I still ended the week on a good note as I put in 35 miles of steady easy running in the weekend.

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