Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feels great to be back.

I'm finally back in NC after 4 weeks at Fort Polk, LA; a place that i'm in no rush to go back to. I don't have much to blog about, besides that I had a good week of running. Here's how the week went.

Monday: 10 miles easy. (1:09:41)

Tuesday: 12 miles with 10 x 1' at about 3k-5k pace w/ 1' recovery. (1:22:08); legs are tired.

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles easy (1:05:02); PM: 4.3 miles easy (30:32)

Thursday: AM: 15 miles. steady run with the pace progressing over the last few miles (1:40:05); PM: 4 miles very easy (30:33)

Friday: 5.2 miles very easy with my Soldiers. (45:32)

Saturday: 22.5 miles. long steady run with the last couple miles near marathon goal pace. (2:30:48)

Sunday: PM: ~10 miles ran with Bob. ran steady at about 6:15-6:20 pace for the first 50 minutes. pretty stupid to run at this pace with yesterday's long run. the pace felt steady and comfortable, but still not a smart decision. (1:03:38)

Weekly Total: 92 miles.


Phil said...

Looks like you had a great week. Welcome back.

Mike said...

Nice looking week, you are on track already.