Friday, October 27, 2006

Training update

Here's a brief update of this week's training. I plan to run a half-marathon on Saturday as a training run.

Monday: PM - (6M / 42:03) only ran in the evening because of work schedule. an easy 6 miles not worrying about time or pace.

Tuesday: AM - (12.5M / 1:23:02) Fartlek workout. 30' - WU/CD with 12 x 1' at about 3k pace (1' recovery jogs); PM - (6M / 42:15) easy shakeout run in the evening.

Wednesday: (9M / 1:02:03) easy recovery run; very cold at 34 degrees. Lesson learned - short sleeves don't work very well in 30 degree weather.

Thursday: (10M / 1:05:52) steady easy run with Bobby. kept pace around 6:25 - 6:40.

Friday: Did not run because of airborne operation. Very tired; Been up for 36 straight hours.


MeeM said...

Come on're a soldier...suck it up sir!!!!

Wayne said...

Alright! No excuses. I'll stop complaining.