Friday, December 05, 2008

December races

Had to post this picture. It is a classic shot of Bekele celebrating once he crossed the finished to take gold in the 10Km at the Beijing Olympics.

Ran 10 today. Mostly easy with the last couple miles slightly faster. I was planning on running a cross race on Sunday, but changed my mind because there are certain races I'd like to run over the next few weeks. I'm planning to run Mescherbergloop (15km hilly trail race) next weekend and then Sylvesterloop on New Year's Eve with my Dutch training partner, Paul. The Sylvesterloop is a 10k race at night and is known for its fast course. Paul took 2nd in last year's race running 31:50. I'm really looking forward to Sylvesterloop because it'll be an opportunity to try for a 10k PR on an actual 10k course.

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Daniel Weston said...

I think I'll do that pose after my next run!!