Saturday, December 27, 2008

Training.....what training?

Training hasn't gone very well this week. Toward the end of Sunday's long run, which was 17 miles including 7 x 1/4 mile, I started to feel some lingering pain in the legs. On Monday's run I had to stop a few times to stretch my calf and achilles on my right leg and the soleus muscle on my left leg. I was having all sorts of trouble. Tuesday, I went for a run but ended up calling it quits after a half mile. My legs were very tight and I could still feel some twinges in the legs. I took Wednesday completely off from running. Christmas morning I did 7+ miles with 6 strides in the end. Friday was also a DNR (Did Not Run) as it was a long day of flying back to the Netherlands. Today (Sat) I went for an easy run and the legs felt good. I'm hoping the aches in the legs were nothing serious and that the legs just needed a bit of rest. If the legs feel good tomorrow then I'll do a short speed session to get ready for the 10K race on Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to this race as it will be my first 10k race in a long time.


Daniel Weston said...

What time are you hoping for in the 10K?

Love2Run said...

With all that travelling I hope the body recovers in time for the race. Good luck with it!

Wayne said...

Daniel - obviously, I won't be running the 10k because of an injury. I was aiming for low-33, possibly even dipping under 33 with a fast course and everything falling into place. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to run another 10k race.