Thursday, March 26, 2009

10K Top Run on Sunday

Sunday is the Parelloop Brunssum, in which I'll take part in the 10K Top Run. The 10K Top Run is the main event and is an invite-only race consisting of elite runners. Of course I'm not an elite or even sub-elite runner, but I was invited to run in the event by the organizer, so I'm definitely not turning it down. This will be a perfect opportunity for me to update my 10K PR, which is incorrect on the runners' list. The course is somewhat fast but has a few gradual inclines, so acheiving a personal best will be some task. Also, the legs aren't feeling all that fresh after running 9, 11, 10 (including fartlek) & 9 miles following Sunday's half-marathon. I hope the next couple days of short and very easy running will freshen up the legs

Today: 9.4M @ 6:56 pace
Wed: 10.2M @ 6:42 pace including 2 x 3-2-1 + 3 x :30
Tues: 11.2M @ 6:43 pace
Mon: 9.3M @ 7:00 pace

Last week's training summary:

Mon: 11.2M @ 6:48 pace
Tues: Noon - 6.2M @ 6:53 pace; PM - 6M @ 7:04 pace
Wed: Noon - 4.1M @ 7:12 pace; PM - 7.6M including 5 x 1K (3:16, 3:08, 3:13, 3:10, & 3:10)
Thur: 8.1M @ 6:52 pace
Fri: 9.3M @ 6:50 pace
Sat: 4.7 @ 6:56 pace
Sun: Venloop Half-Marathon - 1:14:30; 17.6M total

Weekly Total: 74.8 miles

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Daniel Weston said...

Good luck for the race and congratulations for the invite.