Sunday, March 22, 2009

Venloop Half-Marathon

Venloop Half-Marathon: 1:14:30, 52nd Place.

My race didn't go as well as I had hoped for. I woke up Friday morning with a slight cold which I still have. Not exactly sure if it had affected my race though. I never felt good and ran the last 15k on my own. There was also a lot of wind and turns on the course. Overall, I'm satisfied with the performance. Splits below:

5k - 17:06 (17:06)
10k - 34:50 (17:44)
15k - 52:48 (17:58)
20k - 1:10:41 (17:53)
Finish - 1:14:33 / 1:14:30 (net)


Thomas said...

Something I had to learn the hard way; you can't expect a top performance if you are not completely healthy. I'm glad to hear you're still satisfied, though.

Mark said...

Interesting day but still running a fast time. nice-