Saturday, March 07, 2009


Lately, the legs have been feeling like bricks. I'm not too concern though because it's expected when doing marathon training. Yesterday, I ran 12 which included 3 x 2 mile tempos at half-marathon pace. The first two were good with an 11:06 (5:33, 5:33) and 11:01 (5:30, 5:31); however, when it came to the last one the legs were pretty much finished. Ran the last one in 11:26 (5:38, 5:48). I thought about calling it quits after a 5:38 mile, but decided to just roll with it regardless of the time. Today was an easy 7+ miles discovering some new running routes from my house to Germany for tomorrow's 20-miler. I just hope the legs are up for it.


Mark said...

Way to Hope the 20 miler is a good one

Thomas said...

When I saw the headline I first thought you had switched to triathlon training!

Good luck tomorrow.