Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 days till Hamburg

The taper phase is in full force, and in all honesty, I'm enjoying it. I took the last 3 days pretty easy with some strides following Tuesday's run. Today, I did a tempo interval workout of 3 x 2K to keep a little stamina in the legs. Ran the first 2K in 6:56, which felt like a stroll. The remaining two were each 6 seconds faster in 6:50 and 6:44. In the last 2K, I was delighted to see 81 seconds lap after lap and still feel quite comfortable. Now, it's just a matter of keeping things easy and getting to the start line.

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nate said...


I firmly believe you are capable of breaking 2:30 at Hamburg and I hope you will consider WCAP. I already know if you do break 2:30 you will be accepted. We have a guy coming in conditionally who has run 2:29:59..a time you are well capable of. I am rooting for you. You can do it!!!! Nate