Friday, April 03, 2009

A good day of training

Had an excellent day of training today. At noon I did 30 minutes of easy running followed by some core exercises. Four hours later I was back on my feet for the key workout of the day, 14 miles with the middle 10 at marathon pace. Ran the workout on the track because I wanted to monitor my pace at accurate distances. The goal pace for the workout was 5:52-5:54 pace (5:50-5:52/1600m or 4 laps) or 3:39-40/km. I actually focused more on the min/km pace because like all races here in Europe the split markers are in Km. I was practically dead on with the pace in every kilometer and mile (splits below). The workout itself was extremely tough on the mind, trying to stay focus lap after lap. When I got to 5 miles (8km to be exact) I couldn't believe that I still had another 20 laps to go. The legs started to feel a little fatigue with 2 miles remaining. Interestingly though, those last 2 miles were the fastest. After completing the 40th lap I continued on for another 100 meters to officially make it 10 miles at marathon pace. 10 miles in 58:42 (5:52 pace; 3:39/km). This is a good sign of fitness considering the mileage in the legs (58 miles prior to the workout).

Mile / 1600m split / Mile pace equivalent
1 - 5:50 (5:52)
2 - 5:51 (5:53)
3 - 5:51 (5:53)
4 - 5:51 (5:53)
5 - 5:50 (5:52)
6 - 5:50 (5:52)
7 - 5:49 (5:51)
8 - 5:50 (5:52)
9 - 5:49 (5:51)
10 - 5:49 (5:51)


Daniel Weston said...

Good session. Well done. I find also that when the legs are tied I tend to be a bit quicker if I'm already running. Keep up the good work.

Thomas said...

Wow, that's an amazing training run. That speed promises good times ahead.