Sunday, April 05, 2009

Unplanned 26 miles for the long run

You can call me an idiot for miscalculating my run route in today's long run. The plan was to run 23 miles or the amount of time I anticipate to finish the marathon in. Well, the planned 23 miles unintentionally turned into 26 miles (.2 short of the marathon). I totally forgot that I ran a 3-mile loop around my neighborhood before stopping at my doorstep to pick up my water bottle and heading for my usual Sunday route, the cycle paths on the Netherlands/Germany border. After picking up my water bottle, all I had in mind was that I had to do 11.5 miles out and back. It wasn't until the 17th mile and on my way back that I remembered I ran a 3-mile loop to start off the run. I tried to think of an alternate route back home to prevent running 26 miles, but it really didn't matter because it would all end up around the same distance. Despite running longer, I felt very good the entire run and was quite happy to see the pace consistently under 6:30 for the last 12 miles. Below are the splits (uploaded to my Garmin Training Center) for the run. 26 miles in 2:49. Good end to a high mileage week (~106 miles).

30 Mar - 5 Apr

Mon: Noon - 10.7M @ 6:53 pace; PM - 4M @ 7:33 pace
Tues: Noon - 6.6M @ 6:57 pace; PM - 8M including 4 x 1200m (4:02, 4:01, 3:57, & 3:56)
Wed: Noon - 10.8M @ 6:52 pace; PM - 5M @ 7:10 pace
Thur: 9.5M @ 6:52 pace
Fri: Noon - 4.2M @ 7:12 pace; PM - 14M including 10 @ MP (58:42 - 5:52 pace)
Sat: 7.1M @ 7:04 pace
Sun: 26M @ 6:30 pace

Weekly Total: ~ 106 miles

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Thomas said...

I won't call you an idiot, but let's hope you're able to recover from that.