Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marathon simulation

Last Sunday's unplanned 26 mile long run certainly took a little on the body, especially with a 10-mile marathon pace run two days prior. To ensure I recovered from it, I only did easy running from Monday to Friday.

Today, I did the Paderborner Half-Marathon. The intent of the race was to simulate marathon race day; get the feeling of marathon pace while practicing taking in my gels and fluids. The race started at 3pm, which I thought was quite late in the day. Temperature was very warm at 75 degrees. Ran 1:16:56, about 30 seconds faster than where I want to be at the halfway mark in Hamburg. The pace felt good and comfortable, but the HR was probably a tad higher than I think it should be for marathon pace, but I'd say it was mainly because of the warm temps. I'm just praying that the weather in two weeks will be 10-15 degrees cooler. Time to begin the two-week taper.


Mike said...

Things are really looking good between your 10 mile time trial, the 10K and the paces on the long runs (especially the second half of the last one). I still believe in Pfitzinger's philosophy about marathon goal pace, where if you can run the first half of your long runs at 15% percent slower than goal pace, then run the second half (or last ten) at 10% slower (and still be fairly comfortable), your goal is realistic.

If you let your body soak up all the work you've done during these two weeks I expect to hear about a very good result. Best of luck.

Wayne said...

Thanks for the reassurance Mike.