Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tapering - Week 1 of 2 complete

I like my Sunday runs because I get to run by the bisons (bulls, cows or whatever you call them), which for some reason are normally hanging out a few meters from the running path. Each time I pass by them I seem to think that I'll get attacked. The bisons have free range and can cross the cycle/running path to get to the other fields. Luckily though, these bisons are tagged and tamed, but there's no telling what's on their mind at any given time. The run was easy and uneventful, 13 miles at 6:50 pace and 72% of max HR. The legs and body felt very good. I'm starting to feel the energy building with 7 days to go.

Good luck to the folks running Boston.

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nate said...


I am rooting for you and know you are cabable of sub 2:30:00...would love to have you here to train with. You can do it brother!!!!