Monday, August 24, 2009

24 August

Michael commented on my last post with a couple questions. Instead of answering them on the comments section, I've decided to reply to it as a post entry.

How are you feeling about your preparation?
- I couldn't be happier with the way my preparation and marathon training has gone for the upcoming Berlin Marathon. However, I probably said the same thing in my last two marathon training. It's really tough to say because when I'm feeling fit it'll always be easy to say preparation is going much better than the last time. I think a couple ways to tell is by comparing workouts between this marathon trainup and previous ones, and/or comparing race results. I won't go into the details of comparing workouts and race results, but I'd say that this marathon trainup has shown some improvement in fitness.

- Another reason I'm feeling good about my preparation is that I've been injury-free and healthy during the entire trainup. When I ran my PB (personal best) in Hamburg I came off an injury and decided to run Hamburg only 8 weeks out from the race. It was probably a 12-week trainup because I had a good 4 weeks of consistent training before I decided on Hamburg. Compared to Hamburg, Berlin's trainup is a full 18 weeks with no interruptions from injury or health (knocking on wood).

Do you think this will be a PB run?
For an answer, please refer to the last two sentences of a previous post.

Today: Noon - 6M @ 7:02 pace; PM - 5M @ 7:10 pace

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