Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 August

10K progression run on the track this evening. Started out at appoximate marathon pace then slowly accelerated down to around 10k pace. Splits were 5:47, 5:49, 5:41, 5:38, 5:34, 5:25, and 1:20 (400m). 10K in 35:14 (5:40 pace). Mile 2 turned out to be slower than the first, because my mind was somewhere else. I got back on track and had no problems accelerating the pace for the remainder of the workout. The run was good and I felt like I still had a lot in reserve.

Noon - 5M @ 7:10 pace
PM - 10.5M with 10k progression run in 35:14

Desiree Davila's marathon (2:27:53) at the World Championships was very inspiring. Besides Deena and Kara, she is the only American woman to break 2:30 since 2007. Her half splits were 1:14:21 and 1:13:32. The awesome thing about her marathon, aside from the fast time and negative splits, is that she ran her own race and knew what she was capable of running. Now, only if we can all execute a marathon like hers.


Mark said...

excellent w\o and thanks for the marathon news

Michael said...

Great workout. And you're not the only one who would like to run faster in the second half of a marathon. Let me know what you did, once you manage it. Looking forward to following you on race day.