Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bib # 5737 in Berlin

I received my Berlin Marathon confirmation. I'll be wearing bib number 5737 on my singlet in 6 weeks and 3 days.

Today: AM - 6M @ 6:56 pace; PM - 8M @ 6:48 pace
Wed: 12M @ 6:42 pace with the last 4 miles moderate.


Mark said...

paces read like you are working through those 12 hour shifts--keep up the rest as I remember that being the toughest part

Wayne said...

Actually, I didn't mention that I was off from work the last couple days. I start my 12-hr night shift again on Sat night and will last for 7 days....then I'm back to a normal work schedule. The big challenge of putting in the mileage and getting enough rest will begin this weekend.

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

Awesome! Have fun!!