Saturday, August 08, 2009

8 August

I had an oddly good day of running for a Saturday, a day I normally treat as recovery. I did an 11-mile loop in the morning that goes through all the small villages from the municipality of Schinnen. I cruised this run averaging 6:36 pace, which honestly felt quite easy and comfortable. After my run and during the day, I did nothing special. Stayed home, cleaned a little, watched TV and "tried" to get some sleep for my tonight's 12-hour shift. I was unsuccessful in the sleeping part. I laid in bed for a couple hours with the eyes closed, but mind and body still awake. When 5:30pm came around, I went for a second run. I did 6 easy miles averaging 6:46 pace. Writing in my log 6:36 and 6:46 pace, I certainly don't think it was easy. Maybe suddenly there is a slight improvement in fitness.

Well, I'm off to a long night of work. I expect to be very tired come 9am tomorrow.

AM - 11M @ 6:36 pace
PM - 6.1M @ 6:46 pace

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