Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back to normal running

It feels great to be back into the swing of normal running. My marathon recovery phase is now complete. During this past week the legs felt great during the runs. The average pace for the runs was consistently under 7:00 pace at an easy effort. I did take one day off (Thursday) from running just to give the legs a break. It was also my travel day back to the Netherlands from Germany.

I currently don't have any scheduled races on the calendar. However, I do plan on running some shorter races (5k-10k) over the next few months. This Dutch event website lists a whole bunch of running events across the country. It also looks like many of them are cross country races. Awesome! No better time to run some XC races.

03-09 Nov

Mon: 7.3M @ 6:54 pace
Tues: 6.2M @ 6:32 pace; including 4 x 2' at approximately 1/2-marathon pace with 1' easy
Wed: 7.3M @ 6:53 pace
Thur: DNR
Fri: 9.1M @ 6:46 pace
Sat: 7.3M @ 6:55 pace
Sun: 11.3M @ 6:42 pace

Weekly Total: 48.5 miles

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