Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Track Day Tuesday

It's track day Tuesday so I linked up with the club after work. The coach alternates each week with short and long intervals. Last week we did short intervals of 300 meter repeats, so we were due for some longer intervals today. The workout was 1600, 1400, 1200 & 1000 each followed by 200 meter recovery, walking the 1st 100 meters and then slow jogging for the 2nd 100. As usual, Paul and I stuck together for the workout. Paul is a 40 yr old Dutchman who has ran some awesome PRs in his late 20's; sub-15 for 5k, sub-31 for 10k and 2:22 for the marathon. The guy is 40 yrs old but still has some speed, recently running low-16s for 5k. After Paul led us to a first lap of 73 seconds in the 1600, I decided to take over the pacing job or else we'd end up being a speed bump on the track. We took turns leading each lap, but I made sure that I did the pacing for the start of the remaining repeats. Splits for the workout are below. I was quite happy with how the workout went for me. The legs and body felt strong.

1600: 5:06
1400: 4:28
1200: 3:49
1000: 3:03

Today: Noon: 5M easy at 7:18 pace; PM: 8M with longer intervals (1600, 1400, 1200, 1000)
Monday: 9M @ 6:53 pace; got hammered by mixture of snow and sleet during my run.


Daniel Weston said...

With a speed session like that your 10k PB should be a lot faster than 34.33. When are you next racing? You seem to be running strong at the moment.

Wayne said...

I really haven't ran too many 10k races. 34:33 was my 10k split at my recent race (Seven Hills Run 15K). In fact, my last 10k split (5k-15k) of that race was 34:02. There's no doubt that my PB should be a lot faster.

My next race will probably be next Sunday. It is 7.2K XC race, which is very hilly and includes 250 steps or stairs. Should be good for some strength.

Yeah, I think my fitness from the marathon carried over perfectly. My plan is to maintain fitness and not do too much over the next month. Maybe one key workout and the rest easy with a weekly average around 60-70 miles. I'll start my marathon training for Rotterdam in January.