Friday, November 21, 2008

There is no such thing as bad weather, just....

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people." - Bill Bowerman.

I thought about this quote as I looked out the window of my office around 11am. The sky was gray, it was cold and raining, fallen leaves were flying all over the place and bare trees were swinging left to right. The thought of running on the treadmill never crossed my mind. I was committed to get out for my run. I actually like to get out the door when the weather is bad, because I seem to think I'll become a stronger runner and that I'll be one of the very few out on a run. I wasn't surprised to come across only one runner during my hour-long run in the Brunssumerheide. There's normally a ton of co-workers running the trails during lunch hour, but I think the weather defeated them. My run was uneventful. I ran the first 30 minutes fairly easy and then did 6 x 2 min. at about 5:45 pace with 1 min. easy. The last 10 minutes of the run was the toughest as I ran directly against the wind.

I was planning on taking tomorrow off from running and go for a bike ride, but with the weather forecasted for snow showers in the morning and temps in the 20s I think I'm going to go for a short run instead.

Today's Run: 9M @ 6:40 pace including 6 x 2' @ ~ 5:45 pace w/ 1' easy


DanielW said...

I totally agree. I do most of my running at 5-7 in the morning and here in North Wales, UK it gets cold. I would like to run at lunch time in work but there are no showers. Since I work in an office I would get pretty smelly without a shower. Keep up the hard work. Daniel.

Love2Run said...

Great quote! Totally agree with it. You only see the die-hards out on the truly nasty days.