Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today and yesterday's run was nice and easy in the Brunssumerheide (Brunssum heath), which is only a 1/4 mile from work. The heide, pronounced "hey-da", consists of heathland, forests, bogs, fens, dirt and sand trails, bridle trails and cycle paths. It is my favorite place to run here in The Netherlands. You can get in about 10-12 miles of running without overlapping trails. I was having a blast running the trails today. It rained last night and this morning, so the trails were quite muddy. At first I tried to avoid the mud puddles, but when a good-size chunk of cold slimy mud kicked up from the Asics and latched onto the calves I decided to care less about the conditions and just enjoy the run. Thinking back I'm not exactly sure if it was mud. It could have been some horse droppings as it is common to see some on the trails. Whatever it was I wasn't bothered because I found myself in a zone and cruised along the rest of the run. The back of my legs and shorts was almost all covered in mud, probably some droppings too.

Today's Run: 9.2M @ 6:58 pace
Wed: 7M very easy @ 7:28 pace


DanielW said...

I like the hard muddy sessions because it makes you feel alive. Been reading your blog with interest. I'm 29 with a marathon Personal Best of 2:36. Hoping for sub2:35 or more for London 2009 in April. I have a Championship position. Do you know of any other similar blogs for inspiration?

Wayne said...

Daniel - thanks for following the blog. 2:36 PR, that's a good run. Good luck in the sub-2:35 in London. Definitely a good place to run fast. I tried to get into London, but registration was full. I'll be running Rotterdam, also in April. I want to try for a 2:33-2:34.

As for inspirational blogs, I think you should drop in to the following blogs: (the links are located on the righst side of my blog).

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