Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Turkey Trot for me

It's Thanksgiving Day and I knew I was missing something. No, not the turkey but the turkey trot. The turkey trot, an American Thanksgiving tradition, is a fun run or race that is normally held on Thanksgiving Day or on the weekend before or after Thanksgiving Day. It is one of those races, similar to Jingle Bell Jogs, that I try to run every year. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in the Netherlands so there was no chance of running in a turkey trot. This will most likely be the case for the next two years. Instead, I went for a nice easy 10+ mile run when the body finally woke up. It was a wonderful feeling to sleep in and not worry about the alarm clock going off. I felt energized and thought about doing some miles at steady-state pace, but the body and legs just felt like cruising at an easy pace. Sometimes you have to listen to the body. That's what I did running almost all the miles at 7min pace.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and be sure to burn off all those calories.

Today: 10.2M easy @ 7:02 pace
Wednesday: 8.2M easy @ 7:18 pace

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Daniel Weston said...

Don't have thanksgiving in the UK either. I agree that it is good to have a relaxing 7 min run. I've just run home from work: 11 miles at 6.56.